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Miracle Run is an endless runner in which you control the environment instead of the character. Touch and flick the world with your angel powers to save your human from a grim fate! Careful though, you compete against...Death itself.


Pandazor is a french mobile game company that makes stunning games, focused on quality and performances.
Born from a desire to create something beautiful and meaningful, Pandazor was founded in 2016 with the firm intention of seducing thousands of players around the world. (and maybe even you?).

We are currently working on our first title: Miracle Run and we hope you will like it as much as we do.


olivier cartoon
Olivier Philbert has developed mobile apps for several years. After attending a game programming class in Dublin he realized how much fun making games was. A few years in the industry later, he decided to go further and created Pandazor.

Ambroise Hennebelle was first known as a local urban legend. Raised by stray cats on the rooves of Paris, he learned to draw at the same time as he learned human speech. Early on, he used those skills to make things up, including this story.



Your gaming experience means the world to us. We are dedicated to create bug- and lag-free games that you can enjoy wherever you are in the world. Shall you have any issue playing one of our games, contact the support and we'll be happy to fix it!

Everyone is involved

Making a game is a creative process that can't be left to a single person, imposing his/her vision. We believe that great games are made by sharing ideas! Wether you're a player, a team member or someone else still, know that every suggestion is always welcome at Pandazor.

Crunch Free

Making a game takes a lot of time and often in the industry, things are sped up, resulting in what we call "crunch times". This process lead employees to work above and beyond what we consider normal working conditions. We believe crunch times are a terrible habit that give poor results on both short, and long term. We love our team members and don't want them to pay for management mistakes.

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